SYSTERM began its career in the hydrothermal fi eld in 1992 with the exclusive distribution of the multilayer pipe Welco-Flex and Welco-Teck, cross-linked polyethylene pipe Welco-Pex and the production of its own brass fi ttings. Systerm is famous as the fi rst Italian company to produce the crimped fi ttings WOPREX (1994) for the multilayer pipes. In 1997 the company received the prestigious German certifi cation DVGW (Deutsher Varien des Gas-und Wasserfaches and V.) and completed in this way the distribution of the multilayer pipe with a full range of fi ttings and necessary accessories.
In 1999 the company made important investments in order to signifi cantly enlarge its heating line and radiant panels. In addition to the classical fl oor system which uses the EPS insulation panels of diff erent thicknesses, in its assortment were inclu-ded also the wall heating systems made of modules SYSTERM-WALL and SY 18, an innovative dry heating system. With its 18 mm of thickness, the system SY 18 represents a valid design choice when talking about renovations or when there are no classic 8 cm in order to use the traditional panels heating system.

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