Since 1960, KARIBA has been the reference point for the external and concea-led toilet cleaning cisterns market. With millions of items sold worldwide it is considered to be the best-selling cistern in the world. KARIBA manufactures and sells toilet cisterns famous for its easy installation and maintenance which moreover meet the diff erent and multiple requirements of this constantly developing sector. It is possible also thanks to the avant-garde technology, the well-qualifi ed and motivated technical staff  and especially thanks to the customer’s fi delity.
In order to complete its assortment Kariba off ers also special modules and structures, accessories such as drainage pipes – decomposable ones included, pneumatic buttons, drawers, drainage systems and control plates. All of these products are characterized by high-quality materials and rational solutions which always take care of design. Dynamism, careful service and support in every commercial and technical aspect, quality, tradition and innovation: this is the KARIBA’s philosophy  .

panoramic view Kariba Senato di Lerici
Kariba boxes
kariba production
kariba mce 2016_corner concelaed and external cisterns
Kariba headquarter Senato di Lerici
Kariba MCE 2012 Milan stand
Mitu Monteiro & Kariba: Morocco, Gara Wave